HELP--Who else is bleeding/spotting RED??

Sasha • I'm 28, baby #2 due feb 6, 2016-another girl!!!
I'm 9w6d and I've been having red spotting sporadically since about 5 weeks. Bright red spotting. No cramps, no tissue, but no idea why/if it's normal? I had placenta previa with my first so bleeding was common and always a concern. I'm not sure how normal this is? Waiting for doc to call back, but I was previously told it could be from sex or exercise but I'm not doing either-no sex since may 16 and I'm not an exercise kind of girl lol. Any ideas/input/help?!  I don't do heavy lifting, I'm not on my feet all day, I work full time in an office so I'm literally sitting all day 😓

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