Getting engaged!!! Post your pics

I'm so excited to be getting married to the best man I know. He is kind, loving, smart, funny, sexy and easy to talk to. 
I blew up my favorite picture from when we got engaged as it was my moment of "omg, he is proposing!!!" as he was clever to remove any suspicion.
Here is our engagement story;
He is a CEO and travels for business meetings some times. He flew me to New York for a business trip he had to go to for a few days and let me explore while he was in his meeting. Later that night we had some fancy party to attend so I dressed up for it. We get to this amazing rooftop that overlooks New Yorks city scape at sunset. (The sunset is my favorite time of day.)There are rose petals scattered all over the ground near the balcony and beautiful flower arrangements on the tables. I thought that some thing must of happened here earlier and every one had left. the place was really dead besides some staff. 
There is a photographer standing around and my boyfriend says I look so beautiful that he will ask the photographer if he can take my picture. He takes a few then ask pulls me to face me and starts telling me how much he loves me. At first I was thinking "ummm... What about the photos??" But got more distracted by him being weird (he was nervous) and stumbling on his words. I think about it now and it was so adorable. I was not suspicious because he tells me how much he loves me and appreciates me all the time.  I didn't realize he was proposing till he eventually said "I spoke to your dad a few days ago..." And that's when it clicked that he was proposing. I listen and my favorite song is playing, (the one that was playing the moment I realized I was "in love" with him a few years ago.) and it has been special between us since then. 
He dropped to his knee and proposed. He had to ask twice because I was in shock the first time and he wanted a verbal answer than me with my hands over my mouth in shock. (Good shock), His hands were shaky as he slid the ring on and his eyes were misty. It was beautiful to see all the love in his eyes. The manager of the hotel brings over a MASSIVE two dozen long stem roses bouquet. 
At this point, it's worth mentioning that this was not a business trip- he planned a romantic holiday to New York. He was not in a business meeting, he was scouting locations with the professional photographer he "hired". At the rooftop he booked the space privately, set up the flowers, rose petals, gave the staff his custom playlist of music etc. 
"So, are we still going to that party?" I asked and he said "no, there was no party. I told you there was one because I knew you would like to look nice for your engagement photos". Which is so true!!  After some engage my photos were taken and the place got dark, a limo picked us up and took us to our favorite place for dinner in little Italy. The whole place is lit with candles and twinkle lights. 
The next day we had an AMAZING day riding bikes through New York and Central Park and eating out. 
We plan to marry the same day we met! 
I would love to hear your story and/or see some pictures if you managed to capture the moment,