First month using glow!

Well ladies I have been hesitant to post because all day yesterday and today I swore AF was coming, as I kept getting bfn's as well. I had dry cm, and major headaches. Some weird twitching in my uterus and sharp pains in my left ovary. Today AF was due and I even put in a tampon this morning(sorry tmi) but when I took the tampon out no blood but a tiny bit of ewcm! I came home after work and took a test after a 2 min wait I figured it was just another bfn and walked away... Came back in to paint my toe nails😛 and BAM BFP!!!!! I just couldn't believe it. Really thought I was out... Here's my bfp's at 14 dpo. I had received negatives til today! Woo hoo good luck to all the other ladies praying for bfps. Or as I've seen on here, baby dust to all!