My MIL is so stupid !!

So someone posted this topic about a month ago or so and I had commented about how I felt on it but now it's happening to me . The topic was " will you get your baby girl's ears pierced or not ? " I put no because it's HER body HER decision NOT ours to make for her. I was even clear to my husband about it I had told him twice already that were not taking her to get her ears pierced until she grows up and asks me herself. Well anyways his mother always brings up the topic about taking my baby girl to get her ears pierced and it's really annoying because she thinks that just because her son is okay with it that it's okay to do so. Well excuse me but she should be asking me because i'm her mother! Last time she bought it up she said " on saturday were taking her to get her ears pierced okay " ? And my husband said " okay " . I have not said anything to my mother in law because I don't want to sound like a bitch or argue with her but I always feel like telling her " if we wanted her ears to be pierced we would of taken her a long time ago, she is NOT getting her ears pierced " but I always keep it to myself . She thinks she can make decisions on what to do with my daughter but news flash honey you can't ! she needs to mind her own damn business and go get her ass pierced or something 😡 should I just tell her what I think next time she brings it up ? i really don't want to be mean about it but bitch needs to stop thinking she calls the shots when it comes to MY daughter. I don't care if my husband doesn't like it either he can stick it. They both need to respect my decision as a mother . 

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