To clear some things up.

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Im not one to explain alot of my situations to strangers. Or explain myself and my reasons for other people alot because that's my business. But since it coming off to me as a problem lately here goes.

I am laying on the table right now that my mother and I do not get along. We have no relationship what so ever. No it's not the "you're a teenager, every teenager hates their parents" kind of thing. I have been verbally abused by her since I was little and been through therapy and hospitals and through social services (among other reasons but her verbal abuse was a good chunk of it) because of it. I have all the bracelets and paperwork to prove it. If you'd like to look up the hospital I was in to make sure it's "legit" the name of it is Philhaven and is located in Pa. Another reason I was in the hospital was because I got involved with a guy when I was just 14. He sexually abused me. And this is when I started self harming. Again. I have paperwork, medications, and scars which I can take pictures of WITH my name on it if it gets that far. I attempted suicide which landed me in the hospital. Fast forward to when I got out I met my current boyfriend of 2 years. Fast forward through those two years.

I had recently gotten pregnant in February and lost the baby at 7 weeks. Yes I know for sure I was pregnant, I took a test etc. My parents did not know at all that I was pregnant. Do not give me what? Or judgement statements because I will come right back and "discuss" with you. For my situation that is what seemed best for ME. Not for you or what you think would have been best for me. I seeked my aunts help (who I am very close to because of my situations in past and current) who helped me get the care I needed and so forth. I eventually would have obviously told my parents about the baby for obvious reasons. But being so early along in the pregnancy it was NOT on top of my to do list.

I do not want to hear one word about how this is a sob story. It is not. I am clearing things up for the people who are confused or think I am another teen making crap up. I also do not want to hear you are a teen you should not be getting pregnant or having sex. Look here. It IS my life. And it IS my choice. I did not plan the pregnancy. It was a accident. Am I still hurt I lost the baby? YES. OF COURSE. Just because my SO and I did not plan the baby does not mean I did not love the baby.

The very first hour I found out I immediately started looking for jobs to support my baby. And so did my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have always had a stable and strong relationship as well. He also enlists this coming January.

We DID NOT plan the pregnancy or the outcome of the pregnancy. But we took the steps necessary (for our and my specific situation) to go about it the right way and got the care I needed.

I don't need comments or anything. This is me clearing things up. I don't want immature people coming on here and telling me how I should live my life. Or what you think I should have done. I do want opinions either.

Thanks ladies :)