Be my buddy?

Hi! I'm 25, TTC #1. I'm in my first cycle of trying and just got AF today, after having my iud removed on Thursday. It's super weird having AF visit again as she's been gone for the past 2.5 years! Lol. 
I'm not entirely sure what my cycles will be like since this is my first one post IUD but previously I ran around 28-29days. I'm planning on OPKs and BBT charting. 
Some fun facts: 
I'm a dance teacher. I love teaching and dancing, it's great exercise and an awesome stress release. 
In addition to dance I'm big into cooking and World of Warcraft (along with a few other video games)
I've been married to my DH for just about a year and a half, and we're super excited about starting our *human* family, we have three cats as our furbabies. (CC, Peekaboo and Elly) 
Hit me up if you're interested in being buddies!