Braxton hicks or the real thing?! Quick answers please!! 38 weeks pregnant!

Ive been having pains for the last two hours every few minutes (between 3 and 10 - I haven't timed them but that's what it seems to be just from glancing at the clock as I've only just got home!). At first I just shook it off as braxton hicks but since they've carried on and are really uncomfortable (like period pains only more intense and only last a minute or so) I'm wondering, could this be the real thing? Im 38 weeks pregnant, and this is my first baby. (Maybe TMI but after SO and I are intimate I do occasionally get pains which last a few hours...we were intimate this morning but the pains didn't start to really hurt until hours afterwards and don't seem to be getting any less intense. Could it be that though?) any ideas on what this could be? What would you do? Is it worth calling delivery ward? ANYTHING is a help!