Pre-Seed Questions, please & ty 😃

Okay so a couple questions for those who have used it!
Did you use applicator or fingers? And if using fingers do you put it just on outside of vagina or tip of penis orrr??
I know these are weird questions but it just seems awkward to use an applicator, like it would hinder our mood haha. But if I don't use the applicator I want to make sure I'm still using it effectively. 
My next question is, do you only use it during your fertile window? 
We have been ttc for 5 months now. Currently my period is 9 days late, this has never happened, but all my hpt tests are negative. I bought pre-seed today but I don't know when I should use it bc I have no idea now when I'm fertile since AF has not shown.
Any help or suggestions are GREATLY Appreciated!