How often is a gyno appt needed when you're abstinent until marriage?

Hey ladies.. I feel like I'm probably the only 26-year-old virgin on this app, BUT I have actually surprisingly seen many of you on other post responses saying you're a virgin and waiting until marriage as well. Glad to know we can still benefit from this app with all its health tips while saving the gift of sex as something to be shared with our future husbands :)
Anyway, my question is about the importance/urgency or frequency of gynecologist appointments if I've never been sexually active and am not currently. I have had two gyno appointments, one at 22 and the other at 24 two years later. It's now another two years later and I've moved, lost the insurance coverage I had under my dad (oh the joys of turning 26 lol), so since I'd have to find a doctor, see if my Medicaid will cover it, and all that, I'm wondering if it's even all that necessary.
I was told I should go every other year, which is what I've done so far, and of course I don't want to sound ignorant of the importance of getting checked for my general health or any signs of disease, but I'm just curious.
Also, I was wondering if anyone could relate to my experience. The gynocologist I've seen was a very nice, normal woman that made me feel more than comfortable despite my nerves. I know it's normal to feel nervous (I was practically shaking my first appointment) but I wonder if that's the primary reason my doctor couldn't even get the speculum inserted both times. She literally got maybe a half inch in and then it felt like my vagina was about to be ripped apart, so I must've completely clenched up, and she had to use her fingers instead.
It's so weird. Obviously my vagina is small because I'm a virgin but it's just makes me wonder was it solely me tensing up from just the whole awkwardness of the procedure or am I gonna wind up having future issues like painful sex or other things like that.. I wear a regular size tampon by the way.
I know it sounds very prudish but just looking at the speculum it's like UMMMM how is this gonna work? And then even after they get it in there they gotta open it?! Yikes. Waaaa. Please tell me there's some out there who have also had the speculum fail..
I don't know if this might be slightly TMI in any way but if not here on this app's forum, then seriously.. Where else. Lol
Thanks ladies!