Advice on custody

Michelle • Ryland born 11-13-15💙
Quick backstory, my ex fiancé who is the father of my son is not involved in my pregnancy. We broke up 2 weeks after I found out. He has 2 other boys he lost rights to awhile ago. He has a very violent history, was emotionally abusive to me, and threatened to kill himself and his children when we broke up. He is currently using meth and heroin (he was using our entire relationship and I was unaware). He stops using for a week or 2 at a time then is right back where he left off.
My question is, should I just leave him off the birth certificate like I originally planned, or should I take it further and get sole custody through court and a restraining order? I fear he will show up later and want to be involved only to start using drugs again. The constant in and out of his life will be much more harmful than if his dad isn't involved from the beginning. 
Please no hurtful comments, this is a very sensitive subject and hurts me deeply as I still love his dad. 
I am 26 and a half weeks pregnant so I have some time before my son is born and decide what is best for my child.