Question about having a cold on fertile days


Hello all! My husband and I have been married for three years and have been trying to have a baby on and off those three years. This year in feb, I was told I have PCOS. When I herd this, everything changed, what we ate, the products we bought everything. I was kinda relived because I have always been very irregular and have had no periods or really looooooooong heavy periods (1-2 mos.) Then after that my doc told me I had a polyp that needed to come out. Thank god everything came back negative and we the OK to try. This is our 1st month ttc with this app. Sorry now mu question:

Today is my last fertile day according to the app, we have been doing our homework ;) lol but I got a cold out the blue. I am day three of this cold and it happens to be my las fertile day. Will me having a cold affect our chances of conceiving ? Thanks