My fur baby!

Teresa🐘🌿 • Miracle baby born 10/20/18
My husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years. Since making a baby has been so hard we have become ADDICTED to our fur babies. I post pictures of them on Facebook like a new mother does of her first baby. 
Well today my dog couldn't stand up. He laid in bed for over 18hrs. When he finally got up he kept crying. He is 10yrs old which is old for his bread. You guys, I am dying on the inside. I think we may have to put him down with in the next few months and I can't handle this. This is MY BABY!!!!! My  baby! My life. My world. My happiness. 😭 
Please send prayers. And if you don't pray please send positive vibes. I am truly having a hard time right now dealing with this and seeing him in this much pain. My heart hurts.