First Time

Maddy • Hey!!
so me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship and we've been dating for almost 4 months. the next time I see him well be going on 6 months. I'm 15 and he isn't a virgin but I am, and if I were to loose it to someone I think I'd like it to be him, but I'm scared I'll be bad or something. He told me that he doesn't care if we do it or not, and that its all about what I'm comfortable with. I was thinking about maybe doing it around our one year, but I kinda feel like if we do it around 6 months that well both be able to enjoy it throughout the rest of our relationship. I don't know. The only other person I talked to about this was my best friend and she told me to wait until I'm 16, which I'm also considering. Any advice about having sex at all??