How'd you meet your SO?

So with my wedding slowly catching up to me (October 21st), I've been thinking a lot about how my fiancée and I met.
Back when I was 18 a friend of mine was tired of me being single and refusing to date anyone (shitty high school boyfriend experience.) and created an account on for me. I chatted on there for a few weeks but the guys were either only interested in dirty pics or one night stands so I got bored quickly. I've always been a person to know what I wanted, and I'm not the type of girl who wants to run around and go to date after failed date and have random men in my bed, and I put that on my profile (after deleting the "hey guyzz, just here to have fun and meet some hawt men!!" My friend had put. *shudder*) so after the two weeks of rejecting boob shot requests and gave up and logged on to delete my account and checked my messages one last time. 
I had a message from my now fiancée saying he liked my profile and that it was hard to find a girl who knew what they wanted on the website and wasn't interested in just hooking up. 
We met up after about a month of talking online. I was so nervous I had him meet me at youth group, we awkwardly sat in silence for the two hours before going to Denny's for dinner. At this point it was 9pm, we sat and talked about anything and everything until almost 12. We just clicked so perfectly it was crazy.
 Our first real date was a week after that, we went mini golfing, I managed to hit the ball backwards and right into his junk. Still don't know how I managed that lol. Then we went and say the first Deathly Hallows movie (also the first time he saw me cry. XD) though while waiting for the movie to start we decided to play some DDR, he ended up getting so sweaty (this guy played expert mode and never missed!!!), so he went to change his shirt... Managed to lock his keys in the car and we didn't realize until after the movie!! We sat there for 20 minutes trying to break his jeep window, let me tell you... Jeep windows are indestructible!! We threw a brick at one, used a very large branch to bang on the glass, even wrapped his hand in his shoe with his jacket and nothing!! We ended up calling a locksmith/towing company to come Jimmy it open. XD Not sure why but after that we were inseparable. We started dating in October, and I lost my virginity to him in Feburary to a Nine Inch Nails song. XD
We waited until Valentine's Day to have sex, but we had done other things. My advice, get yourself a Guitar  player, they know how to use their fingers. ;P
Five years later we've been through the ringer, a miscarriage on my 19th birthday, his ex almost stealing him back using lies and old memories, his grandma and uncle passing in the same year, two of my best friends dying within a year and a day of each other, but we fought for our relationship and used each as a building block to grow stronger together. We are now planning our wedding and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.
So, how about you? How'd you meet your partner/SO? How'd you get to where you two are now?