Rant/ question about work


So, I work at Mcdonalds... people call off because they're having a bad day and that's fine, or they can royally screw up and only be written up for it. They can not only break policies but break the law (for example, using tobacco at work) and only get a write up.

I started my first week of college (which my boss knew about) and they scheduled me for 42.5 hours. The weeks before that I was scheduled for 10, 15, and 25. When I started my job, I said I was looking for between 15 and 30 hours. They scheduled me for around 35 every week and that was fine.

I spent my entire week trying to talk to my boss about how many hours that was, because I'm in the Honors program at my college so the work load is INCREDIBLE and I have to drive an hour to work, and an hour back to the dorm.

She never answered me, so I called in ( 4 hours before my shift, the policy says we have to call in 2 hours before the shift) and told her I couldn't come in because I had too much school work to do and I needed my time to do it. I told her that they scheduled me into overtime and that I was going to get in trouble for being paid overtime... she told it was my fault for the way I was scheduled, because I listed in my availability that I was available the times I was scheduled. Which is true, but I never said I wanted so many hours. She told me I wasn't allowed to call off, and that I "better be" there for my shift. I didn't go.

Early this morning I was informed by a coworker that they're telling people I was fired and that they need help covering my shifts... are they able to fire me for that? Also, can they tell me I can't call off? I mean, as horrible as I was treated I don't care to be fired...

My biggest issue is this, my boyfriend wanted me to work out the weekend and I didn't want to keep working there just to quit because I hate it so much... how do I tell him I got fired because I didn't do what he told me?