Cranky with SO?

Has anyone else felt kind of cranky with their SO after delivery? I feel bad because I know he's trying but I kind of can't wait for my husband to go back to work since I'm doing pretty much everything anyway. Obviously I'm in charge of feeding since he's breastfeeding, and my husband is too uncoordinated to handle diaper changes on his own yet, and when baby is five days old, what else is there, really? Even at night he thinks he gets up to help but he's better off just sleeping because he's kind of useless when he's groggy. Being a mom to this little guy is so far one of the only things I've felt confident about in my life, but I know I'm only going to be the "favorite" until he outgrows this stage and realizes DH is the good cop and the cool dad, so I kind of just want to relish in it uninterrupted. Maybe it's just all the hormones. Anybody else feeling this way?