Hormonal boyfriend.

Natosha • 💙JARW 2015 💜NLRW JAN. 2019
This is a rant feel free to ignore or not haha. 
I swear my boyfriend is the one who is pregnant not me. He is so moody anymore it's ridiculous. Anything I say to him he always has a smart ass response. It's not even what he says but how he says it. I feel like I can't even be around him anymore. I know some people are going to say you're pregnant it might be your hormones but I'm telling you, I know when I'm being moody and I apologize for it but I swear he is so grumpy these past few days. Idk if he's getting anxious because the baby is due in a week, maybe he's stressing, maybe he's nervous, I couldn't tell you. He won't talk about how he feels about things. He's always been that way, he's a closed book that will not open up. It stresses me out because then it causes fights between us and then I get to the point where I'd rather lay in bed all day just so I don't have to be around him and I hate feeling like that. I wouldn't want him to feel the way he's been making me feel these past few days. I know I have my moments but I always apologize for it, do you think he ever apologizes for anything?!? Hell no! Because then he'd have to admit to being in the wrong. I seriously can't wait for my son to be here so I have something that will take my mind off of it all. 
Sorry, I have no one to talk to so I needed a place to vent. Have a good day everyone!