Breaking Point . It's long

So my boyfriend of 8 months is basically nothing of which we first started talking . We literally starting dating 5 days after we began texting . We use to talk all day everyday . We spent almost all his off days together the whole day going on dates or just sitting around watching movies . And when I was working we always had lunch together . We fell in love fast . His family use to loves me but he hasn't meet my patents yet . His mother no longer likes me cause we got into it one day in front of her . We got pregnant in March but we didn't even notice I was working 2 jobs and still in high school was completely stressed out . We found out when I was about 8 weeks and quickly began to get ready . I bought at least $100 worth of baby clothes and another $100 of diapers it was so much stuff I had to store some at his house which he lives with his mother . With everything that was going on we miscarried at 12 weeks . I slipped into depression and gave him all the baby stuff cause it made me cry . I soon coped with the loss and said I'll be okay with the baby stuff back at my house . Come to find out his mother took all the stuff I bought and gave it away to his cousin whom I don't know . But these last couple of months we see each other 3-4 times a month we have sex then I'm back home  it's not our schedules I don't have a job and he works nights we both have a car . There has been pictures of him and this girl who I told him to stop talking to 5 months ago popping up . This girl is in love with him she claims they had sex and was once pregnant by him but supposedly lost the baby he tells me they didn't have sex and she's lying . He finally has stopped talking to her but it took him months . We barely talk anymore but he's forever on social media . He'll say he fell asleep but was posting statuses minutes ago . He just started being good about leaving me with his unlocked phone I use to couldn't touch it . Every time I try to break it off he tells me he loves me to much and it's going anywhere so either kill him or shut up . I'll forever be by his side I go to all his doctors appointment (he has sickle cell) I may sure he has his medicine and has took it if he's running low I'll make notes to remind us to tell the doctor I make plans for us which he always cancel I don't really have any friends but him . But I'm kinda at my breaking point I'm tired of dealing with the same stuff from him but I love him to death . We been through hell and sunshine but I'm tired .