Can't get it out of my head.

I was 17 i was foolish! I knew him since middle school. He was my friend i told him everything. We started dating eventually moved together. I was only 18 when i tried to leave things changed he changed. He tied me up ripped off my clothes cut himself and raped me while wiping his blood all over my body. He took my phone he broke my computer that had the only picture that i had of me and my dead grandpa. When he untied me i tried again and i fought so hard he put my head through a wall dented the stove with my head and threw me through a door and raped me again. I finally gave up i tried to be perfect but it didn't help. Not having pancake mix was enough to push him over the edge. I was pregnant i begged him on my knees to just let me go. He kicked me in the stomach. I started bleeding i didn't eat for a week. I finally escaped but im broken. Im afraid im hurt. Im now married and love my husband so much. The nightmares wont end though. I had a dream my ex found me he started choking me i couldn't breathe then i seen myself i pushed him off of me he disappeared but i was still gasping for air. I was telling myself its just a dream shaking me telling me to wake up. Then i jump up awake with my husband over me in a panic. Asking if I'm ok.