I don't love him anymore...

I'm two weeks away from my due date and this will be the forest time I'm actually saying it but i don't love my baby's father.

We had dated for a bit before making the relationship official but it only took until our one month anniversary for us to have the sex that would get me pregnant. I was about to break up with him when i realized it had been a while since my last period so i took the test. Lo' and behold, i was already about a month and a half in. I decided to stay with him and do my best to make it work for the sake of the baby but i have been trying for the past 8months now and have only fallen more and more out of love with him.

When I've confronted him about our issues he promises to do better but it never lasts for more than two days and now I've hit the point where everything he does bothers me and if he touches me (even just a hand on my back) i feel gross. But he wants us to stay together, thinks we'll make it work and one day get married! I can't imagine doing that and being even remotely happy.

At this point i need to get out but am afraid if i really break things off it'll destroy him and with that our chances of being civil with each other which we'll need in order to raise our child well.

I just feel so trapped trying to figure out if the child would do better in a loveless marriage or with separated parents who aren't on decent terms