My BF: "You're on your own."

Never would I have expected the man I saw myself spending my life with to say those words to me in a moment of need when he was the only person I had to turn to. When my personal safety was in question and I was alone. How dare I inconvenience him? How dare I ask him for help? How dare I suggest he leave his friends for a minute to call me and make sure I was okay? Never would I have expected this degree of selfishness and immaturity from a grown man. I've read from other women here about how men have to be "taught" (horrible word but I can't think of an equivilent)  how you want to be treated, but I doubt compassion and selflessness can be taught. My only regret is that now I am defending myself to him for getting upset about his actions, or lack thereof. Because he sees nothing wrong with what he did, and blames me for getting upset with him.