I get uncomfortable around the guy I really like

Okay so this is kinda a long story! I'm 16 and the guy who I like is 18. He lovely and kind and everything I have ever wanted. He lives quite far away but we FaceTime every night.  Anyway after a month of video chat every day he asked if we could meet up and I said yes and I was ecstatic. So he booked a hotel near me and we spent the day together but the whole day I felt uncomfortable and weird not at all like I do when we FaceTime. Anyway he asked if I wanted to stay with him and I said yes. Nothing dodgy happened we stayed  in bed and watched Disney films all afternoon and evening and then he asked me if I wanted this to be something more. I said yes but I wasn't really sure he said I should take sometime to think about it and then tell him when I had decided. I don't know what to do because when I think about him I get all bubbly inside. But I'm uncomfortable when I'm actually with him. And I don't want him to think I'm messing him around because I can't make up my mind. Has anyone else felt like this? What should I do? Help?