Second baby party?

So I am pregnant with my second boy but this is my SO first child. I had a very nice shower with my first son but I was 19 so I really wasn't into it and still shy about being pregnant. Since we are having a boy we do not need much of anything. I have the crib and all the big items. I also saved some clothes. So my problem is that I don't want a baby shower, and I really don't want a party for the baby. We recently bought a brand new house and I was in the hospital a few months ago so our bills are through the roof. We do not have the finances to throw a party but we also cannot afford as many diapers and wipes as you'd get from a baby party. My SO said he wants to have a baby party or house warming party. We move in the house this Friday and I am due in jan. I have no clue what to do! Do we have a party or just try and make it on our own?