I feel so bad..

So when I was pregnant I was for sure going to breastfeed. Whether i nursed or pumped. My baby latched on right away and we were doing good until about 7 weeks😕 (10 weeks pp now)  
I just felt like it was sooo time consuming and stressful to make sure I had enough milk. To feed every 2-3 hours and pump and take care of other stuff. It seemed like a lot of work. And it is. But it isn't impossible. I guess I just feel bad because I feel like I could've given him the best form of nutrition and I quit so early. It's killing me. I know I could've done something different which is super aggravating. 
And my boobs are sooo different.. They just look empty and squishy...
Any of you mothers felt this guilty? How'd you get through it?