Single digits!


We are now down to single digits! Only 9 more days until my due date! I am so ready. I'm hoping I won't have to be induced..I want her to come on her own. ((:

I just recently found out sometimes intense pelvis pain isn't normal & is actually pubic symphysis separation..Definitely talking to my ob Friday about this. I just happened to look up why my pelvis was hurting so bad & came across this. It was like I wrote the now I am worried because I read that with this you can have to squat or be on all fours to deliver. Or make sure your legs aren't bent past your hips..I never thought until recently to look up why it was so painful because I just assumed it was normal. I just don't want to not say anything & then make it worse while I'm trying to deliver. Wish I would have thought earlier to look this up. But anyway it's either intense pelvis pain or intense sicatic nerve pain.. :( Sometimes I can't position myself in anyway to get the nerve pain to stop. I am over it! Lol. But I'm still counting my blessings because things could be much worse & I've had such an easy pregnancy. (: My biggest thing was/is exhaustion! Aside from the nerve & pelvis pain. Thankfully I can still sleep. I just have to sleep on the couch in a very specific way. Once I'm asleep I don't move until I wake up to pee. It's so weird to watch up EXACTLY how I fell asleep. Lol. & sometimes it makes all my pains worse. Once I sit up to get ready to stand I could cry from the pelvis pain.

Anywho I lost sight of why I was posting. I'll be induced in my 40th week if I don't go on my own. My ob is stripping my membranes Friday at my appointment & we will also set up the induction date in case she doesn't come on her own.