Opinions/Advice Please!


Okay, so I need to know what u brilliant ladies think or hear any personal experiences of yours. I'm 40 ttc #3. We definitely had intercourse during my fertile period 5 times out of the whole week <and day b4 the fertile window as well>...so timing was on point. What I'm wondering is my AF is pretty much like clockwork on the 18th,19th or 20th of every month so I'm due the end of this week....however my SO and I had intercourse twice on Sept 12th <which shows that would be perfect timing for implantation bleeding>

2 hours later when I went to the bathroom & I saw pink on the toilet paper. It seemed like implantation spotting bcuz my AF isnot due for another 7days or so...now.that was on and off all day Sat...then on Sunday the 13th it got heavier and had a few clots but nothing extreme just little chunks....now normally my AF lasts a good 4-5 days with 2 days of that being very heavy...

Now Monday the 14th rolls around and I have light spotting now that completely disappears by evening time...i.do.have some minor cramping as well.

Could this of been implantation bleeding even though there was that one day.of seeminhly heavy spotting....or do u think this was a possible miscarriage? I was thinking it could be possible bleeding from sex earlier that day and it just triggered something...an early AF... I'm confused? I know I felt those weird twinges of possible implantation like a week before the bleeding but who really knows now. It will be interesting when the 18th rolls around if I have an actual period or not...if it's not obvious I'll take a test of course but I'm interested in hearing anyone else's stories or opinions. Thanks and God bless!