A few weeks ago I went on a school trip, we went camping. I obviously had to stay fresh down there so I used Dettol wipes (I don't know why I didn't take baby wipes). I felt very irritated down there and I didn't understand why, I never thought it could be the wipes so I continued using them. It was itchy and dry and I just felt a lot of friction when I walked. When I got home it was worse, the itchiness did fade away or just got unnoticeable but right now it's raging. It's not inflamed but it's vey red and itchy, there are also parts where it just feels scratched to the skin, when I use tp it burns. I'm very skeptical as to what sort of irritation I may have gotten but going to the doctor is my last, last resort since I know that it is definitely not an STI/STD. If anyone could give me any handy tips to just reduce the irritation and redness that would be great. x