Boyfriend is sending mixed message's


Me and my partner have been together 5 nearly 6 years, since we were both 16, were both now 21.

We spend almost everyday together, either I'll sleep at his house (hell lives with his parents until he finishes uni and gets a job next year) or he'll sleep at my unit. Often a week at a time.

His parents, after five and half years have finally decided they wouldn't mind if I moved in. I asked if I could last year when I was looking for a place to live and they said no.

But my partner says he doesn't want me to move in. Despite asking me to live with him for next two weeks while his parents are on holiday and hes doing his internship. He always says he misses me if we spend a night apart, and that he wished we lived together already. This is just... Mixed messages.

I know his plan is to get a job and we'll combine our income and move in together then. He just doesn't want me to move in yet, not with his parents (I wouldnt anyway, my lease ends may next year)

Similarly, he basicly proposed to me last month(no ring, no flourish ehish would still be fine), but then when I asked him if he was serious the next day he said no. Hed rather actually propose some other time, he just felt a sudden rush of love for me in that moment.

I know he wants to marry me, I know he wants kids and I know he wants to move in with me, I just wish he wouldn't talk about it when he wasn't ready to actually do it.

I'm not really asking for any advice, I'm just looking to rant. But if it helps feel free to express similar feeling of annoyance on here. :)