Completed our D&E yesterday

Hi ladies!
We unfortunately went in for an US at 7 weeks and 5 days and saw no fetus only a sac. Our doctor said perhaps I wasn't as far along as I thought and to come back in one week.
But I know my body and I knew this wasn't our time. The Sunday before so right about about 7 weeks I started spotting and cramping and almost immediately my breast tender subsided and were no where near as sore as they had been the previous weeks.
We went back at 8 weeks 5 days and the US had not changed. We discussed our options.
At first I wanted to give my body the chance to pass it naturally so I waited that week inbetween US plus the weekend and nothing had changed. It was pretty draining knowing your pregnant but the pregnancy won't be progressing. Also that I could miscarry at any given time made me feel very vulnerable. 
We decided to do a D&E yesterday and it was the easiest procedure. It was done in my doctors office, I was given medicine to help me relax and my SO got to be in the room and hold my hand. I think it was important for his own closure too. I know what you can read or imagine makes this process sound like medevil torture but it was far from it!
I woke up today with a tremendous amount of closure and ready to start trying again once my body gets back on cycle!
I just wanted to share my journey and kisses to all the ladies out there wherever you are in yours! 
Feel free to comment if your journey was similar to mine or if you have any questions ❤️