Husband finally did something right 😀

Robyn • I am a mommy to two beautiful girls, one little girl in heaven who is forever two months old and a little boy who has a rare congenital heart defect called HLHS. He has had 3 open heart surgeries so far.
My husband is an avid football fan. Like football Sunday he literally will not do anything but watch the games. During the week at work he listens to the NFL radio on Sirius xm in the truck. Well last Sunday he went with me during football Sunday mind you and went maternity clothes shopping helping me pick out outfits. Then he dropped my engagement ring off to be sized cuz I have fat fingers and it's always been a little tight. Then he ordered me an anniversary/ wedding band to go with my ring because we couldn't afford it three years ago when we got married. I just got the ring in the mail today and have one week left until my engagement ring comes back. Hubby of the year 😀