He's so annoying😫😫😂

D • Mama of 2,lost an angel, waiting on number 4💘💓💘 married-blessed💓
My fianceé is sooo annoying lately like I get that he's excited for the baby but he aaaaalways keeps touching my belly and he's telling everyone about our baby and like I am always so pissed at everything and wanna be alone most of the time and yeah I really do appreciate everything and I'm grateful for having him but seriously he's soooo annoying right now I wish I could take the baby out and place it in his belly so he would shut up and leave me alone😂 my pregnancy is hard enough already I feel very dizzy and I have cramps like period cramps all the time I feel like I need to throw up every few hours and cant really eat and when he comes and just stands in front of me I feel like I want to kill him 😂😂😂😂😫😫😫😂😂