This man is driving me effing nuts...

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Like I am seriously to the point I could punch him in the damn throat and then burn the fucking house down.

I'm pregnant with his kid and feel like I literally have to beg him to spend time with me when we're not both working.... You know, as opposed to playing computer games or fucking around with the guys from work....

I work nights and he works days. I get to see him wed-fri when he gets off work at 5 until he goes to bed. Then on the weekends, he does whatever he wants and completely disregards the fact that soon we will have a baby and won't have any more alone time after that.... The first thing we have done together in ages was last night.... We took our daughter and her friend to a farm/pumpkin patch/corn maze and then we went to eat.

I have even tried planning dates and paying for the shit but he looks miserable because it wasn't necessarily what he wanted to eat... But he wouldn't tell me what he wanted!! So I had to pick... And I picked Mexican BC it's what I was craving. I made it clear that he could have picked.... even though I knew he would pick a burger joint BC that's pretty much all he eats any time we go out.

Today he told me he was going shooting with guys from work and would only be there an hour..... I told him if he was gone for 3 hours I was gonna be furious..... So what does he do?

I'm so damn pissed. My god all I want is some time with my husband to enjoy with no interference before this baby gets here. Too much to ask?!

Disclaimer: I have worked the last couple of weekends, too. So this is the first weekend this month I have had to spend with him.