Anyone else?

💕க்ர்ய்ஸடேன்-Krysten💕 • I`m 29, an Atheist, Pansexual, Poly, Liberal, pro choice, ally. I have a son who is 7, a beautiful rainbow baby girl who is about to be 2. I've had 7 miscarriages, and I'm currently pregnant again 07-30-19
I have a SCH, which is basically a blood clot behind the placenta. On Halloween when I was 11 weeks, I started cramping and then gushing bright red blood. The cramping stopped and the bleeding slowed down to spotting. I went to my OB the following Monday, had an ultrasound, and was measuring right on time at 11 weeks 2 days. She told me it was really tiny, and I had nothing to worry about. I was put on complete bed rest and pelvic rest. I have another Ultrasound scheduled on November 17th, and then on December 15th. This is my second baby, and I didn't have this with my son. Anyone else out there have a SCH? You can see it on the picture. It's the little black circle in that looks like it's in the placenta.