Any advice?

So I recently got married last month. *Yay!!*
The honeymoon was great, we had sex every night and honestly since the wedding I've never felt more comfortable and close to my husband. But the last two weeks I've had zero sex drive. We've had sex maybe twice since we got back from the honeymoon and honestly I faked it because I wasn't into it. 
I told my husband I've just felt unattractive and had zero desire for sex but I'm worried it might be something more.
I skipped my period pills on my birth control and just jumped into the next batch before the honeymoon so I wouldn't have one that week, and I'm worried I may have screwed myself over somehow. Like I killed my sex drive/desire by not having a period last month. 
Today he said he's worried that I'm drifting apart and says I've felt like a stranger to him, and honestly that's how I feel too.
 I love him more then anything in the world, he's my heart and my life, but I don't want to be touched, I don't want to kiss or snuggle. I just want me be alone... I'm not falling out of love, there's no way because I seriously cannot think of life without him. But I feel like something might be missing from me.
Can anyone give me some advice on what to do?