How did/will you tell your so that you're pregnant?

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I'm overthinking.. As usual, but I'm 2 days late and really hoping I'm preggers! I have 2 ideas...
#1 because I take my temp every morning, I was thinking of when I woke up to take it (id also get up to take a test and if it's positive I'd ask hubby "hey something wrong with the thermometer... Can you tell what it says?" And hand him the positive test
#2 (background his cousin just had the first grandbaby on his side 2 weeks ago... A little girl) bring up a conversation about how his grandpa probably wants a great grandson to take fishing... And then when he says "yeah probably" I'll respond with "well at least he only needs to wait 14 weeks to know whether or not he'll get one"
What do you think? How did/will you tell SO?