Proud of him right now

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Since becoming pregnant and being labeled high risk I'm very limited to what I can do, before pregnancy my husband and I rode motocross and we both compete in rodeo events, plus reining and cow horse competitions. I obviously can't do that anymore, I can't ride any of our horses right now..... But I can do other things so I grabbed my young colt, my roping dummy and started roping the dummy next to him just o expose him, he did so well!! He didn't spook at the rope even once! Even though while not paying attention I smacked him in the face, I climbed on his back and roped the dummy from ontop of him and drug it around the arena at the walk because that's what my riding is limited to and he handled it like a champ, guess he'll be my next breakaway and team roping horse or a back up for my current one day!!