Story time: So.. I work at an Olive Garden. One of the hosts sat a couple that was in their 20s at their table. She then asks "would you like me to take the wine glasses?" The lady FLIPS HER SHIT. She says to the host "why are you looking at my boyfriend" the host replies with "I was just doing my job ma'am. I wasn't looking at him" 
Lady: "he is perfectly happy with me and I don't need a hussy like you looking at him"
Host: "ma'am I'm 16 years old. I assure you I'm not looking at him." 
She then walks back to the host stand. 
The man was later heard by their server bitching the lady out saying "what the hell did you do that for?!"
Like.. Do y'all think she was super insecure or what was her deal?  I just feel like you have to have some really low self confidence to react like that to a female that wasn't even flirting with your man. 
And I know some of y'all will think "that's not the whole story. No one is really that crazy. " that is the whole story. I watched it happen. This woman lost her shit over a 16 year old girl offering to remove wine glasses off their table.