Thanksgiving dilemma

I'm due on the 24 of this month. 2 days before thanksgiving so baby can come any day now or even a few days later. My mil is stressing me out she wants us to go over her house for thanksgiving, I declined and my husband agreed. She then decided she wants us to go out to dinner with her. I declined again because I'm exhausted and don't want to go out. So now she wants to come over and cook here, which I guess is ok. But honestly I just wanted to relax and spend the time with my husband in my pjs whether I have the baby or not. I just don't feel like entertaing her and getting dressed. It will be just be me her and my husband. My mom is more understanding and knows I don't want to do anything so she isn't pushing. I don't want to do anything! Maybe it's selfish of me but I'm so stressed out at the idea of having a newborn and dealing with her or going into labor and then her wanting to go the hospital with us. My husband insists he wants to celebrate thanksgiving and I want to cry because I don't want to. Okay that was my little selfish rant.