Just a little rant.

Chelsea • 28 years old! Mommy to an angel baby, and an amazing boy! 😘
It really bothers me when someone tells me they'll be mad at me if I get pregnant before them, and their only reason is 'you're not married'. 
I have a co worker who once upon a time told me she basically only got married because that's the only way she could get her now husband to agree to have kids, and so her parents would be 'ok' with her having kids. They haven't been together as long as I've been with my boyfriend either. She's wanted kids, but just recently started trying, whereas I have been trying for not quite a year. I asked her jokingly if she'd be upset if I got pregnant first. She said 'yeah, you're not married, why should you get pregnant first?' I literally did not know what to say. Sorry, I had to get this off of my chest.. Rant over, thank you.