Sick and have work tomorrow 😭

Peyton • Southern by the grace of God. ❤️
I've had a slow, progressive cough that has gotten to the point that I sound like a walrus. I've had a headache literally all day. I go from having a runny nose, to not being able to breathe because it's so stopped up. I can barely talk. And I am FREEZING. I have on sweatpants, a hoodie, and socks, and am completely covered by two thick blankets- head and all! I want to call out of work tomorrow, but I can't! 
1. I work at a daycare, and I'm having to cover a girls shift in the baby room tomorrow due to her son getting tubes in his ears. So idk who would take my spot cause no one else is really trained in there.
2. It's the daycares thanksgiving party tomorrow.
I don't wanna risk getting everyone sick, but I also don't know if she has anyone to take my spot. I'd feel bad for calling in....
What should I do?!