Marriage problems

We just moved overseas and I am 12 weeks 1st planned pregnancy with my husband of 2 years. I know this is suppose to be a happy time for me, but at times does not feel that way. I had him help me clean out the nursery ( full of boxes and his belongings) and was a huge fight. For what little he helped wasn't worth not doing myself. 
We went to the store to browse at baby stuff when I pointed out a rock n play I wanted he said I don't know what I'm doing, let him ask him mom first! Mind you his mom is older and prob had no idea what a rock n play is. I have 4 younger siblings and have more experience with babys then my SO. It's just very frustrating. To top it off I over read a convo on fb where he told his bf that he is the godfather, without discussing it to me. His friend said to let me know my husband replied like it didn't matter what I thought. 
I just seem to have lost all respect from him and I don't understand why.  I'm not going to be talk down to. With family being so far away this is really hard. He thinks he's always right and when does somethings wrong it's always justified. I just for see problems once the baby gets here if we can't agree on anything and I'm worried. Last thing I want is to have a newborn around arguing. Worst part is the arguments are always about petty stuff!