Do you like Christmas?

Cristina • Cancer survivor (Hodgkin's lymphoma); hobbyist photographer/editor; Archaeology student at Johns Hopkins University; 22.
REGARDLESS of religion, do you like Christmas? Many non-Christians celebrate it, and we're all obviously surrounded by it, so I was curious. 
I'm Christian, and I absolutely love Christmas. 
However, I recently found out that my boyfriend, who is Muslim, is not particularly fond of the season. He says that around Christmas, people treat non-Christian looking people differently. He has had many bad experiences, people yelling at him that he should say Merry Christmas, people asking him what he celebrates if not Christmas in a condescending way, people saying "oh that's so sad you don't get to celebrate it", etc. While he obviously doesn't mind me celebrating it, his experiences have built up this negative connotation around it. It just makes me so sad that he gets treated his way because of his religion, especially with all of the Islamaphobia around lately. 
Share your stories! Tell us how you make Christmas fun, or if it's just not the holiday for you. 
Happy Holidays! ☃

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