(Some tmi) My Heart is broken.

I've wrote a previous post about some bleeding, and two ob's telling me my pregnancy was unhealthy, and that I will miscarry. Baby didnt have a flicker of a heart beat on both ultrasounds. I wanted to wait hoping there was life, that my next appointment id see that babys heart beat. Sadly the day I left the ob office I started bleeding. Clots were little at the time, but I still had hope. Tuesday-friday came and gone, saturday came and I felt off. Then it hit me, at 11:50pm saturday night I started having the worst cramps of my life, nothing prepared me for this, I sat on my bed trying to get comfy with no luck. I ran to the restroom feeling blood rushing from me as I sat there I felt it rush with this plum looking clot. I yelled for my husband. Thats when it started. The worst 3 hours of my life. In that restroom, with my husband who could do nothing but be there for me. Once I was finally brave enough to leave the restroom, I sat on the couch still in the worst pain of my life, a stabbing dull pain, I tried to sleep. Sunday morning I woke, feeling pressure like I had to go #2, I went back to the restroom, felt the urge to push, and out comes this gray ish red egg shapped thing, it was no clot. I knew it was over. The instant it came out I felt relieved from the pressure and pain. This little one that my husband and I tried for three years, was here...then gone. Taken. My heart is broken. Now I must go in to my ob tomorrow morning, and find out if everything is gone. I give baby dust to the rest of you mommies to be for healthy pregnancy and baby.