Does this make me a bad person?

Awhile back I had to rehome my dog, I went through a rough patch and had to move back in with my dad and his dog kept beating my dog up. So I decided to rehome her and had a lot of good people interested in her. I was kinda shocked by the amount because she has two medical conditions that require medications daily and she was very big. 
Anyways, one of the homes was this gay couple, two young guys, have their own home, they loved going outside, adventuring, we live in a area that had serious pride, our little town has rainbow flags on every pole ect so lots of parades and festivals, these two guys go to all of them. 
Anyways, all the homes that were interested in my dog sounded amazing, they all seemed like good people with good intentions, I ended up picking the gay couple...I'm gonna be honest, drag queens and cross dressing throws me off(they both partake in this), I've been raised super conservative and I specifically chose them because I felt they'd be the most loving, caring dogs issues take a lot of love to look past and I felt they would be the best with her. 
They added me on Facebook and Instagram, they post pics and videos of her all the time, they text me frequently about her. I'm asking if I'm a bad person because I kinda assumed they'd be the most loving home because they're gay, and because they like to go do so much and they'd bring her for it all...after I met them I stopped meeting potential homes .... I feel like even though it's a good thing to think about someone it's also a generalization....?