Controlling mother

so I recently had my daughter, she's a month old. I still live at home with my parents since I am 16 and can't move out on my own just yet. I get a lot of help from my parents and my boyfriend when he comes over, but my mom likes to control everything. I understand that she's trying to help but it comes across as her taking control of every situation. she's always telling my younger brother what to do and when to talk to my daughter and when to play with her, like she's giving him permission to do these things. and she's always telling me when to get toys and play with her when that's not what my daughter wants. she's always telling me when to change my daughters outfits and when to feed her and etc. but whenever she's around and me and my boyfriend make decisions for our daughter like whether or not she should have a pacifier or whose house she's staying at that night, my mom always gets mad when I listen to my boyfriend saying that I need to learn to say no when I want to and how to disagree with him. I can't tell her that it's her I need to disagree with because if anyone ever calls her out on anything she always takes it to heart and acts like you're attacking her. me and my boyfriend are both getting tired of this but I'm tired of my family always fighting and I don't know what to do anymore. I get that she's my mother and is in charge of me but she's not in charge of me taking care of my daughter and I don't think she understands that.