Getting depressed .. Lengthy sorry :(

So I found out I was having a baby and my brother also was expecting too .. Everything eas brilliant we both where getting on so amazingly and his gf was always a little demanding and her way is the only way so didn't get to see him as much as I liked ... Well it was drawing closer to my 20 week scan , my brother found out he was having a beautiful little girl I was overjoyed for them both and couldn't wait.. She had reached 34 weeks and I knew my baby and there's would be so close!! Only 14 weeks apart ... Then I got a dreaded heart wrenching call :"( the heartbeat had stopped and there baby had passed I was distraught mortified in shock the emotions where endless and I wished it was all a dream but it wasn't .. Two weeks after our angel was born I found out I was also having. A little girl :( I was gutted as I just knew it would kill them both and found it so hard to tell them .. From that point they have never bothered with me or my daughter .. Didn't see her till she was 4 weeks and never asks or anything about her .. They have since had a health little boy who I love endlessly but they are so shirty with me seeing him ... I'm really depressed about this and don't know what to do anymore .. I just needed to get it off my chest in the hope that someone could give me some words of advice / encouragement ... We are ttc no 2 now and I'm just so scared they will treat the next baby the same :(