TTC: To tell the parents or not???

Samantha • 21/ Accounting Student/ Married to the best man in the world! / Baby #1 / "All things are perfect in His timing"
DH and I just started TTC this month. He is an accountant and has a great job. We also have rental property (a duplex) that brings in extra income. I also work part-time and make a pretty decent amount for the hours I work. I will graduate in December with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. All the time when people ask me when we are going to have kids, my mom (if she is around) will say "it will be a while, she is in college right now".  What she doesn't know is that we decided when we got married that we would start trying a few months later. We are stable. Financially and every other way possible. So we are thinking about waiting and just telling her & my father when (and if) it happens. How did you handle telling your parents? Or did you?