Abusive parent (please read)

Im 21 years old and was back home to visit my mother over the weekend. We never had a good relationship. She was always emotionally and verbally abusive. She blames me for everything wrong in her life. She has called me many names and wishes I would burn in hell because I make her life miserable. Her exact words. I have never hit her back or called her names. I'm not a perfect daughter but I am smart, have always done well in school and have never gotten in trouble really. I've tried to not have contact with her but she wanted to pay for my schooling so I had to be civil. This weekend she blamed me for something that had happened that morning. I tried to explain she shouldn't be upset with me and I did yell because she wasn't listening. She started smacking me and basically beat me for 15 minutes. All while saying how horrible I am. I don't know what to do anymore. This is not the first time this has happened over something small. She's very unstable and can't control her anger. I don't want to see her again but I will not be able to go to school if she stops paying tuition. I have only a couple hundred saved and no credit really. I don't have any other parent.

I'm so shocked at everything I don't know what to do