Caroline🌼 • in a relationship//dog mom of one
Last night I had a nightmare about this little boy (who was me idkdreams are weird) and he was sexually abused by this person and my whole dream was me being this little boy and running away from the person who abused me/him bc he was trying to attack me again. I woke up with my heart racing and absolutely terrified. 
My question is, I was sexually abused at 13. I've never had dreams like this but in the last few months I've had this dream last night and another about my attacker where I was trying to kill him and he wouldn't die and no one would believe me to help me and I woke up in tears sobbing. I'm 19, these dreams just started happening and are few and far apart.  My question is, does anyone else have dreams like this, this long after being abused? I'm not sure why these are happening now. This is the  first time since I was abused that I've been states away from my attacker and have had no contact with him in over a year. So I don't see why I would have dreams like this now and not back when i would run into him all the time.