Preterm labor

I am 29weeks today and I been in the hospital 7 times to get my contractions to stop! This is my 3 daughter but with my other two they didn't give me any signs before they were born early! I had my 1st @25 weeks and 2nd @33 weeks
I am feeling a lot of pressure but at this moment I'm not having and contractions! I was in the hospital all week I got out on Friday I found out I was. Dilated to one 1 1/2cm! I been really sore and my lower back has been hurting pretty bad but I thought it was from laying in a hospital bed, I have an appointment tomorrow morning so I am going to have them checked to see if I am dilated more or not! I'm nervous because they told me that if I keep dilating and or contracting they are going to put me back in the hospital! 
Has anyone one else have a preterm labor with young kids at home?